FP010 on windowShipping heavy fragile items is a huge challenge and can result in millions in damages that become the standard cost of doing business for many. PTI offers sacrificial but recovering PE fused profiles that can take impact after impact and maintain a safe cushioned ride for your product. Let PTI show you how you can reduce your damages and do that at a savings over what you spend on packaging that does not work (i.e. styrene, honeycomb, corrugated, bubble, etc.).  Click Here for Examples of our Innofoam Packaging Profiles.


Featured Items

L-Shaped Packaging

L-Notched_0041These L-shapes can be folded or used as straight pieces when shipping heavy fragile goods. They are easily attached with stretch wrap and since like material clings to like material they make excellent packaging that can be bundled with the wrap and easily disposed of or recycled as PE. The clear package created is lightweight yet hyper protective, and allows for better handling and far less disposal than corrugated or styrene. Use in the box or out for superior protection every time.



Stick Pack webStick-Pack can be cut and glued anywhere you need the benefits of foam in your crate or box. It’s the universal way to get the sacrificial and recovering performance of PE foam to eliminate ineffective packaging (i.e. styrene, bubble, paper, corrugated, etc.)



Custom Packaging Solutions

Cabinet Door webPTI can also build a fit-like-a-glove solution in any custom profile. This usually requires FTL orders, but we can direct you to stocking partners as well.

Need custom packing? Request a Quote today and a PTI representative will contact you shortly. You can also include an image of the product in question.